Lovely Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

09 Feb 2021
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and although we may show our love and appreciation for those dear to us on many other days, it’s a great idea to share some extra care on this special day. Whether you’ve planned something special with your partner, are visiting a relative, friend or neighbour, or are planning to have the day to yourself, there are some wonderful ways for you to share the love! 

Valentine’s Day gestures don’t have to be too loved-up and grand, they can be as subtle as shouting your colleague a coffee on your lunch break, phoning a relative to check-in on how they’re doing, or accompanying an elderly neighbour to the supermarket. Whichever you may partake in, these actions will show thoughtfulness, appreciation, and are sure to brighten anyone’s day. 

If you’re aiming for a little more excitement this Valentine’s, we’ve got you covered with some of our favourite ideas for experiential gifts and outings! 

Partner up with a workout buddy 

Whether you’re planning your regular workout session or are trying to find the motivation to get started, recruiting a friend, relative or partner to accompany you in a Valentine’s workout session is a fantastic idea to get both of you pumped and feeling great on this lovely day! Not only is this a great workout motivator, but you’ll also get to squeeze in some quality social catch-up time together, and sometimes this is exactly the positive boost we need to keep us fuelled for our busy schedules! So go on, organise your workout date for Valentine’s! 

Walk or hike to a beautiful scenic destination 

Fancy a picturesque view of the forest or mountains, a glistening lake, golden fields of native land, or a sunny coastline? Pack a day bag and take a destination walk or hike with your favourite person for a real adventure together in the serine outdoors and catch up on some quality time while disconnecting from everyday dilemmas. There is endless beauty to be seen and experienced in the natural settings of our national parks, state parks, reservoirs and all kinds of scenic destinations, often with numerous walking and hiking tracks of varied difficulties and durations. So, get searching and pick your Valentine’s destination together or surprise your date with an adventure! 

Relax in the serenity of a Hepburn Wellness Spa or Retreat 

If you’re looking to indulge in some luxurious relaxation with your special someone this Valentine’s Day, a day at the spa or an overnight retreat will do the trick! Hepburn Wellness manage numerous properties across Australia and New Zealand, including Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, Onsen Retreat and Spa, and White Spa. Each located in picturesque natural landscapes, Hepburn Wellness spas offer a variety of relaxational services and therapeutic treatment to refresh your senses, providing the perfect opportunity for time together with your loved one! Find out more here 

A weekend away of exploration and adventures 

There is so much to see and do in your own backyard, and who better to share this than with your favourite person! Your home-grown State is the perfect playground for a getaway to spend with someone special, whether you’re up for indulgent relaxation or action-packed excitement. We've prepared some info on a few of our recommended places to visit, perfect for any Valentine’s surprise gift or a trip planned together! 

Discover wonderful destinations closest to you in Australia here!

Discover wonderful destinations closest to you in New Zealand here!

There really are endless possibilities of gift ideas and outings suited to Valentine’s Day, so we hope these have sparked some interest for you. What’s even better about these ideas, is that you can conveniently add your personal touch, such as packing a picnic with your Valentine’s favourite gourmet snacks, heading to location you know they love to visit, or making a playlist with both of your favourite songs for your getaway, each of which are sure to be appreciated! Whoever you spend the day with, enjoy your time together and share the love! 

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